The influence of rolling bearing profiling on Rigidity and Rating Life

Software for gearbox development The FVA-Workbench is a manufacturer-neutral tool for the simulation and calculation oftransmission systems. As product development cycles become shorter, powerful modelingapproaches and calculation algorithms become increasingly important. The predominantly analytical approaches in the FVA-Workbench deliver fast and reliable solutions to all important issues related to drive technology. For bodies that cannotContinue reading “The influence of rolling bearing profiling on Rigidity and Rating Life”

Pumping Systems on VFD Need Bearing Protection

By BearingAdmin -February 3, 2020 In most pump applications, it is not always necessary to run the pump at full speed.  Flow rate has traditionally been decreased with flow control valves, but this has disadvantages.  Nowadays the flow is often controlled by running the pump’s motor on a variable frequency drive (VFD). Besides well-controlled flow rates, VFDsContinue reading “Pumping Systems on VFD Need Bearing Protection”

Bearing Failure RCA: Denting

When a rolling bearing is damaged during machine operation, the entire machine or equipment can seize or malfunction. Since bearings that fail prematurely or unexpectedly cause trouble, it is important to be able to identify and predict failure beforehand, so that preventive measures can be adopted. Damage Condition When debris such as small metallic particlesContinue reading “Bearing Failure RCA: Denting”